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performed by Jeffrey Forman Ph.D., BCTMB, CMT and Michael E. Rogers Ph.D. at De Anza College Cupertino, Ca. and Wichita State University, Wichita, KS..

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Deep stripping massage combined with eccentric resistance on hamstring length and strength

Many studies have evaluated the effects of different interventions on hamstring length. However, little research has been conducted on the effects of deep stripping massage strokes alone, or combined with eccentric resistance, on hamstring length and strength. The purpose of this study was to determine: 1) if deep stripping massage has an effect on hamstring length and strength and 2) if the effects on hamstring length and strength are any different when deep stripping massage is combined with eccentric exercise.

Eccentric Thera-Band exercise combined with massage more effective at improving flexibility

Massage is often used to reduce muscle tension and improve mobility. While stretching is accepted as the method to increase muscle length and flexibility, it stands to reason that a reduction in muscular tension after massage would also result in improvements in flexibility. Some research has shown massage techniques to be effective in improving hamstring flexibility, while others have not.

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